Thursday, September 28, 2006

So, what have you done lately and will you do it?

Lately, I've done so much thinking that I thought I was going crazy.

The other day, a good friend of mine was lamenting on how he thought he was not suited to be an entrepreneur. Deep down, I felt the same way, and yet at the same time, I was also thinking that everyone could be if he chosed so - yes, there's duality in me! The questions are why and why not?

"The price of a dream" is an excellent article which gives a very frank insight on why someone wants to take the road less trodden. On the contrary, it also implies reasons as to why people take the common path.

I once told another good friend of mine that I felt I had another chance to do something radical (read: extreme) before 30 because I felt that 30 marked the boundary when one would become jaded. Well, I was right and wrong. After reading this article about genius, it seems that there are 2 kinds of geniuses - conceptual and experimental. There is a shorter version over here. And so, it seems the age old phrase "It's Never Too Late" is still applicable. There is hope since technically we still have at least two peaks unused, haha.

The contributor for the first article, Daniel Pink, has also written a book entitled "A Whole New Mind", which is about the change of Information Age to the Conceptual Age. Kinda exciting that things are moving so fast.

A quick search on BookJetty reveals that there are only two copies at the National Library. Well, let's see if it's still there this weekend, otherwise, I'll have to get it at one of the book stores.


Anonymous said...

Identify your goal and start doing it NOW. Otherwise, you'll still be reading other people's stories and thinking of whether you will succeed or not in the age of 80. Reading is good but taking the move is better.

Seck Tien said...

Yeah, working on it. But every now and then, I get distracted :p